Ethereum & Solana 
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About The Lil' Homies NFT Project

  • 2222 Uniquely generated Lil Homies living on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • The Eth collection is now on
  • We have now also released 555 Lil Homies on the Solana blockchain Homies Del Sol.
  • Homies Del Sol can be minted on or click the mint here button.
  • Stake your Lil Homies to earn our very own Homies custom ERC20 token coming soon.
  • Over 200 Traits in the collection.
  • Lil' Homie custom merch store now open.


The Lil' Homies NFTs have got some real style. They love to showing off their favorite team jerseys or dawning a slick tracksuit with their best sneakers.


Lockup Your Lil' Homie
coming soon.

Lock up your Lil' Homie NFTs to earn our Homie ERC20 token. More Homie NFTs you lock up the more you earn. All holders will be airdropped our Homie token during the token launch.


The Lil' Homies love rarity & here we got some extremely rare accessories. Look above do you think that little green fella is gonna be easy to mint. Hell No! 

The Lil' Homie Merch store is now open. Add your own Lil' Homie onto a coffee mug or a cozy hoodie. Just contact us and we will add yours to the store. With your own message.

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I am Shivers founder , creator, developer of this project.  I love NFTs so much that I just had to go and create my own project. I wont lie to you it has not been easy doing this on my own but now its finally here its all been worth it.

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